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Phoenix in the morning sun

Phoenix catches a coot

Phoenix poolside

Phoenix goes on an adventure

Why not to use rat poison

Indi at 8 weeks old

Indi at 1 year old

Ghost the red-tailed hawk

Ghost and her magnificent tail

Ghost on a bunny

Pigeon spike FAIL

Gunner catches a crow

Gunner in orchard

One minute theres a HUGE problem…

The next, it’s flying away

A falcon in flight

Falcon chasing coot

American Kestrel

Jasper the Peregrine Falcon

Ricky the Peregrine Falcon

Star of the show

Gulls all in a row

A family affair

Humane trap

Esperanza the Aplomado Falcon

Indi has fun at work

A lucky snag for Esperanza

Esperanza chasing the lure

This is a walkway to a restaurant!

Table for one?