Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

We are a hard working family business, that will dedicate our focused attention to eradicate your pest bird problems as efficiently as possible. As a falconer, being able to use our best “employees” to help solve your pest problem is extremely satisfying.

"We had tried every method of pigeon control prior to hiring Alyssa and none of them worked. Our pigeon problem was so bad that pigeons were not fearful of people and would actually take food off people's plates while they were still eating! As soon as Alyssa brought her birds to our site, we started seeing immediate results. She is a great spokesperson for falconry and able to address all customer questions, putting any concerns to rest and educating people about birds of prey. I would highly recommend hiring Alyssa; she is well worth it!"

− Toni Reed, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.

"Before you came to our rescue the restaurant was besieged daily by flocks of seagulls and nothing we tried was working. In a restaurant where over half of our seating is an outdoor patio this was a huge problem. You promised your birds could solve our problem and we decided to give The Hawk Pros a try. We noticed positive results immediately and within 10 days there was not a seagull in sight. It is now almost two months later the seagulls have not returned, not a single one. You could not have been more successful and we could not be happier."

− Jim Sebastian GM, Wolf Creek Restaurant and Brewery

"The sparrows at our outdoor dining patio were so relentless they would jump on tables while guests were eating. It got to a point where they were brave enough to go into the indoor dining area. We tried every alternative method of ridding our property of the pests to no avail. Once Alyssa and Mike introduced their team of hawks and falcons to our site, we immediately saw results! One year later and the sparrows have all but vanished. Even the customers are commenting on the positive results! We couldn't be happier."

− Mike Robertson Hotel Manager, Beverly Hills Hilton